The pros and cons of following your passion


The pros and cons of running your own business are not to be under-estimated. For instance, the occasional sleep in or day off when you need it, coffee with friends who pop by, and the satisfaction of creating something that you are passionate about all weigh heavily on the ‘pro’ side.

But when you find yourself still at work at 3am, desperately trying to finish an order for the next morning, and this is the 3rd week straight that you’ve worked long hours, not to mention missing special occasions with family and friends, and stressing over expenses that need to be paid while waiting for overdue payments to come in, the reality of following your passion definitely loses its glamour.

Every day when I get up, I know that this is still the thing that I’d prefer to be doing – the never ending challenge of creating a business, a brand, and of making something beautiful with my hands. Don’t get me wrong, there are some days that I don’t want to get out of bed at all, let alone achieve anything. And there are days when the grass is much greener when I look around me at other people’s lives.

For 14 years now I have walked this path, and on most days the pros still far outweigh the cons. The truth is, I believe you will be challenged to grow, no matter what path you choose. Because I run my own business, that is the conduit by which I learn about myself. I’m sure if I’d chosen a different career path, I would have learned just as many valuable lessons, but just in a different way. And some days – the tired days, the long days, the stressful days, the frantic days – it helps to remember that no choice is without its challenges.

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