work life balance

Embrace your imperfections

“Embrace your imperfections. Celebrate your unique shape and character. You have no idea how your beauty shines.”

For the dreamers and the doers

Where are you in your dream? At the start, gripped by inspiration, energised by possibility? On the way but battling through unexpected hurdles and giving more than you thought was possible? Is your dream now your everyday life? Would you choose another path or is this right for you? My dream is now 18 years… Read more »

Tips for Time Management

I think it’s fair to say that I’ve made almost every mistake possible in running my small business. Sadly, I don’t feel destined to be the next billionaire entrepreneur. I’m an artist, not a business mogul. I run my business as an expression of my creativity, and as a way of creating the life that… Read more »

A simple tool to keep balanced, inspired & enjoying your work

There is a magic that fills me when in the grip of a good idea. I lay awake half the night dreaming about all the possible permutations and opportunities it might lead to. I start each day with a spring in my step. I clearly see the actions I need to take to start making… Read more »

Finding the Magic Formula For Small Business

When I started my business, I had a very clear vision: to create beautiful handmade candles that could become functional art pieces for the home, with their strong sculptural and textural style.           Here is a photo of one of my first market stalls at St Andrews Market in 2001.  … Read more »

Creating a new normal

I love big changes in life that give us the feeling of a blank slate – that wonderful prospect of being able to re-create our everyday life according to our new priorities and ideals. When I closed my shop in January 2015 and moved my workshop to home, I suddenly realised that I could re-shape… Read more »