Egg Candles



Available in four sizes, our best selling Egg Candles are designed to be used – not just to gather dust.  Now available in Charcoal!


Product Description

**Update: Now available in Charcoal!  Thanks so much for the overwhelming response to our recent Instagram post.**

Distinguished by rock-like texture, these designer candles create a truly unique focal point in any room.  Available in three sizes, display them individually, or in clusters for greater impact.

The Egg Candles were part of our initial product launch in 2002, and are the cornerstone of our passion for creating functional homewares.  Beautiful objects that add character and charm to your home, they have been designed to be used – not just to gather dust.

As your Egg Candle burns, the top third of the candle will burn away, but rather than dripping, the candle will burn a large well down into the egg.

Burning Time:
small   80 hours
medium   150 hours
large   250 hours

small   14cm (5.5”)
medium   18cm (7”)
large 24cm   (9.5”)

small   1kg
medium   2.5kg
large   5kg

small   $37.50
medium   $64
large   $128
set of 3 sizes $215 (save $14.50)