Towards launching our new black collection – the testing phase


Black or Charcoal?  What do you think?  I’m currently test burning a few different shades to see how dark we can go while still creating a candle that burns beautifully and showcases our trademark texture.

Achieving a true black wax has been such a hard task. So many black or grey dyes age to a weird murky purple overtime.  This instability can take a month or two before becoming apparent, so this testing phase is so important.  A few years ago I rushed the process for a custom order, and had to recall 6 big boxes full of candles from that stockist. It was such a waste of time and energy, and so so disappointing!

We’ve had many requests for black candles since then, both for weddings and retail stores, but I’ve had to school myself to patience and give my customers an honest answer rather than the one they want to hear.

The good news is that I’m 99% sure that I’ve finally found a black dye that stays true, is light stable and doesn’t inhibit the candle from burning properly.  August is my tentative hope to release this new range, please stay tuned!