Antique Bottle Beeswax Candles



We are thrilled to stock this beautiful range of pure beeswax candles.  We only have limited numbers of each bottle shape, so please refer to the list of available stock below before ordering. 


Product Description

Pollen Arts is the story of a young couple from the US who dared to leave behind their busy city lives in search of travel, adventure, and living with a stronger connection to nature.  They renovated an old 1970’s Winnebago, and spent years travelling and living in various beach towns along the coast of Southern California.

While art, writing and creativity were strong passions that threaded through their life together, candle making was never on the cards, until luck steered them in a new direction. One day, while exploring a new town they’d just moved to, they came upon a little beach cove. While sifting out sea glass and playing with hermit crabs, they found an antique bottle washed up and half buried in the sand. The very next day, that bottle inspired the start of their antique bottle candle range.

Pollen Arts grew rapidly, and thanks to Etsy, they soon found themselves as Featured Sellers, with more orders than they could manage. They soon outgrew their tiny kitchen on the Winnebago, and have now put down roots in the beautiful mountains of Arizona.  Their home now includes a candle studio, about twenty bee hives, and a growing collection of furry and feathered friends, as well as a growing family.

We are thrilled to stock Pollen Arts beautiful range of pure beeswax candles.  We only have limited numbers of each bottle shape, so please refer to the list of available stock below before ordering.  I will endeavour to keep this up to date each day to avoid any disappointment.

** Please note that as stock sells out, not all the bottles pictured will still be available for purchase.


Antique bottles – descriptions & history

French Grammes
Stock available: 1
Price: $22

Circa – early 1900’s
Size – 12cm x 4.5cm

Like a zipper running down the front of this sleek French bottle, split measurements descend from head to toe. On one side, small embossed numbers roll out from “1 to 15” next to the Text – “CUILLEREES A CAFÉ” and on the other side, “15 – 75” stand out beside the French spelling “GRAMMES”. It used to be filled with some style of dark rich coffee extract, but now we’ve recreated it with sweet honey gold beeswax


Cold Cream Jar

Stock available: 1    
Price: $27

Size: 7.5cm x 5cm

This bottle reads:
“Marvelous cold cream” “Richard Hudnut” “New York. Paris”



5 Cent Dairy ½ Pint
Stock available: 2  
Price: $32

Circa – 1940
Size – 13cm x 5.5cm

With embossed pinstripes running down from the neck, and plenty of text on the back side, this is a great looking vintage milk bottle.


Chanteaud Paris
Stock available: 1  
Price: $35

Circa – 1890 
Size – 15cm x 5cm

A stunning and rare French bottle, the straight and narrow proportions of this bottle create the perfect burning candle. With the large embossed text, “PARIS” and, “BOURGEOIS”, this is a must for the European enthusiast or collector of fine French things.


Acme Soda Water
Stock available: 3
Price: $39

Circa – 1880
Size – 16cm x 5.5cm

This is one of our oldest bottles, dating back to 1880. The glass on this bottle is thick and heavy. The bold embossed text stands out perfectly on the front as well as the interwoven logo on the back, “A, W, S, Co.”. The ‘blob top’ neck and lip is classic to its time period.


5 Cent Dairy Pint
Stock available: 1
Price: $49

Circa – 1940
Size Lg. – 18cm x 7cm

This is a classic dairy bottle with ribs running from the bottle neck all the way to the base. Covered in text, it’s a testament to it’s 1940’s time period. This is a good long burn, and will give you many nights enjoyment.