Inside a candle making workshop


In February 2008 I signed the lease that gave my business a home for the next seven years.  I was rapidly growing out of my little shed at home, and boxes of candles filled the lounge room, dining room and hallways.  It was time to expand!

This new location gave me a wonderful opportunity to have a little shop on High Street in Northcote, as well as the thing I had really been craving – more space to be both creative and productive.

Here is a behind the scenes look at the evolution of my workshop…



The first glimpse.  I knew from the first time that I saw it, that this was the space I’d been looking for.



Trialing different layouts of my work benches.  I suddenly had such a luxury of space, I didn’t quite no what to do with it!



Sparkling clean.  A few weeks of elbow grease, late nights, bribes of pizza, and lots of help from Mum and Dad, and the workshop was ready to be filled.



The early days as a functioning workshop.  Looking back, I’m amazed by how clean and empty it feels.



And a few years later during the madness of Christmas production.



Stock, stock, stock.  Ready to flatten, finish off, and send out.



When you’re flat out filling orders during the busy times, cleaning becomes a luxury rather than a necessity.
(Mum still doesn’t agree with that statement!)



I used to feel quite self conscious about people coming into my workshop and seeing the chaos, the mess, the drips, and the splashes.  Then a friend told me that all she saw was the colour, the creativity, the fun and the freedom.  

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little tour behind the scenes.