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Perfect recipe for a glut of cherry tomatoes

The end of summer glut of tomatoes is my favourite time of year as a gardener.  I discovered this recipe a few years ago, and I delight in being able to make it from our own garden from mid-late summer.  It’s easy, delicious, and perfect to share for breakfast, brunch or lunch. Tomato Tarte Tatin… Read more »

Testing growing techniques for Tomatoes & Cucumbers

In the absence of our yet-to-be-constructed veggie patch, we decided to do some veggie gardening on a smaller scale this year, and to be a bit more experimental. After reading an article online about a US gardener who had great success growing tomatoes by planting them around a half buried 50 gallon drum of water… Read more »

Building from recycled materials

As home renovators, we had the rare experience this weekend of planning a project, and actually completing it within the allotted time. And even more satisfying, is that it was done almost entirely with recycled materials (with the exception of four pine sleepers and four metal pegs). We have found that once people know that… Read more »

Solar powered business & home – getting off the grid

Last year we bought a little house; a yellow brick veneer complete with 60s wallpaper. And one year on it essentially looks the same inside. We’ve gotten to know it now, and we have big plans for this house. But rather than following our instincts to tear wallpaper off the walls and rip up the… Read more »