A Little Light is a finalist in the 2019 Ausmumpreneur Awards!


Drumroll please….. I am thrilled to announce that I’ve been selected as a finalist in the 2019 Ausmumpreneur Awards for Handmade Businesses!

It’s not easy or natural for me to ‘sell’ myself or what I do, but looking back over the past 18 years of A Little Light, I felt I had a story to share, that I had created something worth celebrating.

I started A Little Light in my early 20s with a few hundred dollars to my name. I had just come back from Europe, and I had no responsibilities, no one depending on me, nothing much to risk. But I had a strong idea that I believed was worth seeing through to the light of day.

My business grew very organically, and I grew up along with it. I learnt many business lessons the hard, slow and expensive way. But I have also met some wonderful mentors and peers who have inspired and guided and nudged me along at the right times.

I have had many well meaning advisors suggest that I take my designs overseas and have them made cheaper than I can do it here, so that I can just focus on marketing and selling my products. This makes complete sense from a financial perspective, but it doesn’t resonate with my philosophy or my passion for what I do.

I believe that handmade matters. I love that my fingerprints are on every one of my candles. The creative process is incredibly nourishing for me. As soon as I’m in my workshop the world slips away and I’m immersed in the creative process. I love being able to see what I made with my own hands, and I believe that it’s important for my daughter to grow up seeing that her parents work hard to achieve their goals, and that our values of family, community and sustainability permeate our lifestyle and decisions.

My business is part of that whole, part of the balance of the dreaming and doing that shapes my days. I’m learning to ask the right questions; I’m learning to celebrate what I’ve achieved. A Little Light is a handmade, grass roots business that has found it’s way into many hearts and homes. I think that’s worth celebrating.